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A Tale of Two Truckers: Hauling Hope Across America

Truckers make the world go round

Truckers make the world go round especially these days with serious supply chain disruptions, the ongoing crisis of the pandemic, and the ever-increasing importance of front-line workers. We talk with two truckers out there delivering hope and crucial supplies on rough roads, in bad weather, in the face of loneliness, isolation and invisibility. They’re risking their lives for us every day, and they have some great stories to tell. From a truckstop in Kentucky, we hear from Shelli Conaway who started Trucks with Room to Spare to bring life-giving supplies to victims of natural disaster; and in a forest in Ohio, I talk with my dad, Kevin Tucker, because it was riding shotgun in his semi, that I learned to love the road and all its unpredictable adventure.

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Hosted and produced by Kate Tucker, Hope Is My Middle Name is a podcast by Consensus Digital Media in collaboration with Reasonable Volume.

If you know someone who should be on this show, please comment below. We LOVE hearing more stories of HOPE.

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