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Consensus in Conversation

Jeff Simmons, President and CEO of Elanco Animal Health

With more than 30 years of industry experience, this conversation focuses on Elanco’s mission, food security, animal health, and Jeff’s pursuit to align purpose with profits. Listen now on your favorite podcast platform.

Made in America

The Lobster Business Doing Things Differently

Luke’s Lobster started as a single lobster shack, and it has grown into a sustainable lobster empire, with restaurants in ten U.S. states, Japan, and Singapore.

Consensus Digital Media

Striving for Something Greater Than the Status Quo

We’re interested in telling those local stories that bring us together as a nation. We’re working to educate and empower, not belittle or patronize.

Our Brands

We are telling the story of America. We highlight the innovation and resiliency that makes us great. In every small town and big city, there are people building better communities for their friends, families, and neighbors.

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Our Partners

Are you proud of the work your company or organization is doing to make the world a better place for future generations? Are you innovating and building a more sustainable future? We are the media company you want to partner with to help tell your story.

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About Us

Consensus Digital Media, founded in 2020, is an independent media company producing uplifting content focused on building a more sustainable future. We cover lifestyle, business, the clean energy sector, capital markets, and more, telling stories of innovation from people and organizations doing good across the nation.

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What Our Partners Say

Being featured on Made In America helped me realize that I can make a difference. I have recently purchased two vacant lots, albeit not in great locations, and have been clearing them and turning them into community gardens and overall improvement of the neighborhood. In some way, the visit made me realize that everyone has something to contribute and that it takes all of us together to make a difference.

Dave The Hillside Gardener

Patriot Guardens
Ron Smiling

The professionalism and attention to detail of everyone associated with Consensus Digital Media was made apparent at every turn. Everyone on their team was thorough in their preparation and saw to the needs of all involved with the project. The result was beautifully crafted, full of meaning and impact. We couldn’t have asked for a better telling of our story.

L. Ron Pringle

President & CEO, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle
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Join our Team

How many media companies can you name that are telling uplifting stories from across America? Every day we bring positivity, practical solutions, and consensus to the country. If you love digital media and are excited about a more sustainable future, reach out!

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