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Striving for Something Greater Than The Status Quo

The last four months have been marked by tragedy — for our families, our communities, our country, and the world.  When our hope-filled team decided to start Consensus Digital Media, we were living in a different time, albeit just before this moment of profound social and cultural change. Frankly, it was a time and a world that increasingly and profoundly frustrated us. In so many places, hard divisions had replaced thoughtful discussions and mutual respect had given way to ugly rancor. Our discussions online increasingly feel like a scene from middle school — dominated by posturing, insults, and outright bullying. We had all had enough.

Then the entire world changed; and yet, nothing online seems to be changing. As Americans watch the news in shock and disbelief — the coronavirus is killing our neighbors and debilitating our economy.  We are helpless as our favorite shops shutter, and increasing numbers stand in line at food banks. We long for the past — not just a more prosperous America, but an era when the internet wasn’t a flood of constantly depressing posts but rather an online community where we could celebrate and share our successes and comfort far away friends and family. After all that is who we are as a nation: millions of stories, some good and uplifting, others tragic and painful, woven together in a shared existence that can either celebrate our differences or allow them to divide us.

At this moment there are so many stories to highlight, whether it’s the tireless work of those on the frontlines, the Main Street businesses that have taken action, or the everyday individuals who offer their neighbors a helping hand. It harkens back to the days of enjoying friends and neighbors of all sorts who challenged our preconceived notions, not just a social media feed that reinforced or validated our world view. We are reminded of our shared potential and promise.

Consensus is a new digital publisher that is striving for something greater than the status quo. We’re looking for topics that matter to our communities. We’re interested in telling those local stories that bring us together as a nation. We’re working to educate and empower, not belittle or patronize.

We believe in the good, the honest, the integrity that defines our country. We recognize that regardless of where you live or what you believe — most of us share many aspirations: a better and more sustainable world for our children; a long and healthy life for our parents; a feeling of fulfillment in our jobs; and a lifetime of loving friendship and fun memories.

From our staff to our stories, we look forward to celebrating these common tales, while we live these common values. Thanks for visiting and hope you will find our stories a compelling reminder of your stories too.

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