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Checkerspot: Alpine Skiing, Algae, and Biotech Innovation

Season 1, Ep. 9

Today we welcome Charles Dimmler, CEO and co-founder of Checkerspot, and Matt Sterbenz, GM of Wintersports. Checkerspot is a high performance materials company proving that you don’t have to choose between sustainability and performance. Founded in 2016, the company is pioneering a planet-first approach to product creation and innovating the outdoor industry through biotechnology and sustainability. WNDR Alpine, Checkerspot’s consumer-facing backcountry skis are made from algae, and the first of its kind. Charles’ expertise in biotechnology and Matt’s professional skiing background provide great insights into the future of industry on this episode of Consensus in Conversation. 

Since our recording, Checkerspot released an amazing new product: The Pollinator™ Kit. It gives individuals, small businesses, and big corporations the ability to create new products and designs with some of Checkerspots’ sustainable materials like polyurethane, which is derived from algae oil. 

To get your own pair of WNDR Alpine skis, check out:  

For more details on The Pollinator™ Kit: And check out their partnerships with different innovators:

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