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Desparada and Herman Story: Sustainable, Creative Winemaking

Season 1, Ep. 11

I’m joined by Vailia and Russell From, two friends and winemakers pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the wine industry, while staying focused on sustainability and being good stewards of the lands they cultivate. 

Vailia has worked in all things wine– from the restaurant floor to sales to importing to harvesting, and now she’s running her very own Desparada, a vineyard rooted in spirit and elegance. Russell is a wine creative– whether it’s a wine that stays in contact with the grape skins for the duration of harvesting or the Tomboy, his only white wine offering that’s described as “a white for red wine lovers– he’s constantly pushing creative boundaries at Herman Story Wines, which he owns and operates.

Join our conversation on winemaking, organic agriculture, stewardship of the land, sustainability, and taking the path less traveled. All you have to do is sit back, uncork (or unscrew, no judgements) some wine, and hit play. 

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