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Lew Moorman: Innovating Regenerative Ag at Soilworks and Venture Capital at Scaleworks

Season 1, Ep. 8

This week’s guest is Lew Moorman, co-founder of Scaleworks, a venture capital firm, and Soilworks Natural Capital, an investment fund. Lew grew up in Texas Hill Country, home to some of America’s best ranchland, and although he started his career in consulting, he found his passion in venture capital, helping small software companies flourish.

Now, he has turned his sights towards one of America’s oldest (and largest industries) – agriculture – where he is helping to lead the regenerative agriculture sector to new heights while championing the idea that smart livestock ranching and natural climate solutions are one in the same. Whether it’s about innovation in the agriculture sector or how maximizing profits incentivizes sustainability, you’ll want to hear what Lew has to say on this episode of Consensus in Conversation.

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