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Our New Digital Series: Made in America

I’ve always loved the last segment on the nightly news — the stories that make us feel more connected, the stories that restore our faith in our neighbors, the stories that make us smile. 

I also love being on the road and exploring new communities — learning the history and studying the local economy. There is so much American character to be found in cities and towns in the heartland.  Innovation is arising from small businesses in communities across our country. There is something special about this beautiful and diverse, great and eclectic country we call home. 

Today, Consensus is excited to release the pilot episode of our first regular digital series — a series that will cross the nation in search of these stories; seeking this inspiration; celebrating our innovation. We are calling it Made in America. And like Consensus, we have stories from farms and food purveyors; from craft breweries and craft stores; from schools and start-ups; and many surprising places in between.  

Our first few episodes come from West Virginia, a short drive from my home in Washington D.C. West Virginia is a state whose citizens demonstrated incredible kindness and joy when we visited. And, it is a state whose communities have not had it easy. Despite that, there is a consistent spirit of resilience across the state. These are the uplifting stories that Consensus has set out to tell. So grab your favorite local brew, and join us celebrating this incredible state and our first episode of Made in America from Greenbrier Valley Brewing in West Virginia. Cheers!

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